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It was recently announced that the 2017 reboot of the Disney Afternoon classic DuckTales will be ending at the conclusion of its third season.

The information was first made public by an entertainment reporter for Collider, but was not fully confirmed until later that day by the DuckTales crew. DisneyXD eventually issued their statement firmly confirming DuckTales will be ending in 2021 with their season three finale. What has been cited for the reason has been lower ratings.

With DuckTales now winding its way towards its final ending, the question of the show’s legacy has been weighing on me. What…

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First, and foremost, I want to make it clear that I stand exclusively in support of the creatives that The Flea is cutting ties with, their resident directors, the Serials Crews, and, most especially, The Bats themselves. As it becomes more and more accessibly clear the systemic problems that seem to exist within the ecosystem of The Flea Theater, I feel the need to put my stance into the world.

As a preface, I have not been specifically targeted or harmed by the actions of the Flea Theater, but I have long been an attendant of their shows and a…

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